be*U ballerina shoes are available from size 23 for kids to size 42 for adults. The adult ballerina comes in five different widths and mums are welcome to customize their pairs as well. The other be*U signature in the ballerina range are the 12-hour shoes, which are designed for long periods of standing. With a wider width, shock absorption, energy-return insole and high durability outsole, the 12-hour ballerinas provide the ultimate comfort that cannot be found elsewhere.


be*U casual shoes are available from size 28 for kids to size 42 for adults. It exhibits the same characteristics in terms of aesthetics, practicality and quality as other be*U shoes. The causal shoes are equipped with an outsole that ensures maximum comfort and durability.


  • Five different choices of width
  • Shock absorption insole
  • Extra cushion support insole
  • 100% genuine leather lining
  • Extra arch support
  • Extra collar cushion