Patented keyboard outsole

The signature patented keyboard outsole is an award winning invention. The keyboard outsole maximizes the flexibility and shock absorbancy in the heel. The protruding keyboard ensures they flex to their maximum capacity.

Heel counter support

The heel counter contains a stiffener to provide solid support to the heel and hold the feet more firmly. Children learning to walk tend to swing thus the heel counter helps correct walking postures. Body weight is also supported by the heel thus reducing the extra tension created, resulting in an excellent environment for foot development.

Arch support

be*U shoes are equipped with adequate cushioning of the insole and a built-in arch for ultimate comfort and support for the feet.

Widest girth

The widest girth shoes thorat design is another be*U patent designed to be kid friendly and allows kids to put them on easily, without the help of an adult.

Fine stitches

be*U shoes use the classic stitch because it will not unravel. The hand-sewn lined thread is coated with wax to make it smooth, waterproof and to prevent rotting.

Extra width

Wearing of the be*U rounded shoes mimics barefoot walking closely. The rounded edges provide more room for the little toes and allow feet to move, grip and feel the floor. This way, little feet can grow properly and develop strength and musculature through the grasping action of the toes.

New height

The new ankle-high cut provides more protection and lowers the risk of ankle sprains.

100% Leather

Children’s feet perspire heavily, which is why be*U only uses 100% genuine leather as it is a breathable material. It is not only more durable but also help to keep the child’s foot cooler and dryer which prevents blisters, discomfort and odour.