be*U is a Taiwanese brand that embodies its name wholeheartedly. Through its customised and interactive shoe range, be*U seeks to “liberate your creativity” and let you become your own shoe designer. The encouragement of originality and personal expression is at the core of be*U’s philisophy. With over 600 designs, 100 colours and 6 different types of leathers such as kangaroo, cow, lamb, ostrich, horsehide and crocodile to choose from, the possibilities are endless.



be*U uses only the finest quality genuine leather from Europe and America to produce award-winning products that embody the true spirit of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Renowned for it hand-made craftsmanship, each pair of shoes is made by well- trained artisans and requires 10 hours of workmanship. This includes cutting of the leather, sewing, stitching and embossing of the name and message, making each pair truly unique.


Driven by his vision to produce high quality products with a meticulous eye for detail, founder Professor Hsu has been lauded by seven international design and creation awards including the 2008 French i’Nov Invention Gold Award.


The brand was founded in Taipei by Cho-yun Chen together with her husband and designer, Professor Maurice Hsu in 2001. When their child Jack was born, buying a first pair of shoes for his wide feet proved to be very difficult. Driven by his vision and passion to produce quirky yet comfortable shoes for his son, Prof Hsu applied his skills and be*U was officially born.

Maurice Hsu

With a Master’s degree from De Montfort University (UK) in shoe design, Maurice is currently teaching at Taiwan United University Industrial Design Department and has obtained several international awards for his creations. These include the Swiss Geneva Invention Gold Award, Russia Special Invention Award, Asia Invention Gold Award, Taiwan Invention Gold Award, Light Metal Innovation Award, Germany IENA Invention Gold Award, France I’Nov Invention Gold Award and Hungary Invention Gold Award.

Cho-yun Chen

With a Master’s degree from Royal College of Art, UK, Cho-yun is also the founder of the Taiwan Fashion Colour Association, Pan Pacific Colour Group and an honorary member of America C.M.G and Asia trend presenter. Cho-yun also takes on an active role as a colour consultant to MNC firms such as DuPont, Colin, Shiseido , ASUS, Yamaha Motorcycle, ACER and Formica.


  • 2008 French i’Nov Innovation Gold Award Winner
  • Bespoke shoes for adults and kids
  • 100% hand made in be*U Miaoli Atelier
  • Keyboard outsole is a patented creation